Clutch Replacement & Repair

Clutch replacement in Anchorage

Having a vehicle with a manual transmission definitely has its advantages. In addition to lower initial purchase costs and better fuel economy, you can expect fewer maintenance issues over the life of the vehicle. One of those issues you can realistically expect, though, is having to replace your clutch at some point in time. That's where Quality Transmission Service comes in! 

Stay cool in the clutch 

If your vehicle's gears feel "sloppy," or you're finding it difficult to shift gears period, chances are you're overdue for a clutch replacement or adjustment. Don't panic. Your vehicle won't be out of commission for long! Quality Transmission Service is able to perform clutch replacements in one day in most cases. If that's not the case with your vehicle, you'll be kept in the loop. 
Clutch plate on an axle with bearing

The secret of our success? You!

At Quality Transmission Service, we appreciate the fact that the citizens of Anchorage, AK have put their trust in us to keep their vehicles running at peak efficiency for affordable prices. Whether it's clutch replacement or a basic oil change, you can always count on us to handle each job with skill and integrity!

Wishing won't make it go away

Sorry, but you can't fix a clutch problem by turning up the radio. If you're concerned about cost, consider this: the sooner you have the technicians at Quality Transmission Service look at your clutch problem, the better off you'll be. That goes for the bill, too. Besides, your initial estimate is free. Call for an appointment today!

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